About us AG Solution

AG Solutions began as an agronomy consulting service carrying a few Ag products that were not readily available. Mainstream Ag input suppliers were not providing the most beneficial Ag product lines so AG Solutions became a distributor to provide customers with a better approach to soil science and plant nutrition with more sustainable solutions. The inputs of fertilizers, seed and chemicals were added as product offerings.

In 2007, the business was merged with other Ag businesses at a new location at the Mapleton Ag Business Center. The focus remains “providing profitable technologies through soil science”. The new company is larger and stronger while continuing its long-term commitments to support today’s producers as they attempt to feed the world.

Mapleton Ag Business Center
502 Silver Street East
Mapleton, MN 56065

Office: 507-524-4906
Toll Free: 1-855-354-7849
Fax: 507-524-3642

Jason McCue
Territory Sales Manager


Cassidy Seaver
Warehouse Manager

Jesse Van Sickle, CPA
Accounting Manager

Gary Pipes
Staff Accountant / Office Manager